In 2006 an identified need grew into a visionary mission—leverage local resources to strengthen our public schools while enriching and accelerating the student academic experience at all grade and ability levels.

Research has shown that the most successful schools not only have solid community support, but active interest and participation from its citizens. Understanding this, the development and fostering of effective community partnerships became a critically important component of the vision that was cast. Toward this effort, Lincoln ACHIEVE was launched. From its beginning in August of 2006, this initiative has worked diligently and consistently to promote “Accelerating Children Higher In Educational Values Everywhere.”

Coordinated within the parish’s public schools, ACHIEVE provides a mechanism for strategies and resources to be customized in order to meet the unique needs of a school’s student body. At the core of its mission is the development of partnerships within the community that can enhance and enrich the educational process for each school, its teachers and students, and the district as a whole. Its collaborations include rich and robust partnership initiatives such as the Adopt-School Program, Student of the Month Awards, Art Without Walls, Mini Grant Program, Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS), KEYS Champions (Keep Encouraging Youth to Succeed), Lemonade Day, Civic Engagement Institute, and more.

Recognizing excellence is another key component of ACHIEVE’s work. Whether shining the spotlight on outstanding students, educators, and school leaders during the Student and Teacher of the Year Awards Gala, recognizing National Merit Finalists at Board meetings, or honoring all state champions and national level honors throughout the district at the annual Celebration of Champions, ACHIEVE dedicates energy and resources toward showcasing all areas of excellence within the public schools. This extends to the development of key marketing resources such as the District Brochure, Adopt-A-School Newsletters, and other informational items that are shared throughout the community and state.

In addition, ACHIEVE provides regular columns in the Ruston Daily Leader, Ruston Living magazine, and the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce monthly Chamber Connection that provide an ongoing source of information about the district. This allows the community to join in celebrating successes or make informed decisions about how to best focus support and overcome noted challenges.

ACHIEVE is also dedicated to the symbiotic nature of the partnership that has been created with the community it works with. Giving back is a premiere priority with community service and philanthropy at the heart of much of the work that takes place. Under ACHIEVE’s leadership, the district’s record-breaking United Way Campaign kicks off each academic year followed by the coordinated fundraiser for Wiggin’ Out, food drive for the Christian Community Action food pantry, development of school-based Agents for Change projects, and other areas of service throughout the year.

ACHIEVE recognizes that in order to make a successful, sustainable school and school system, ALL participants must bring their gifts to the table. Therefore it has become a collaborative conduit between the public and its public schools, providing a vibrant “one stop shop” where robust partnerships are born and cultivated. Understanding the critical role the public plays in its ongoing success, the Lincoln Parish School District continues to welcome its community to the table as it seeks the very best for its schools. Through such collaboration, Lincoln ACHIEVE remains steadfast in working with all community stakeholders to provide “A Quality Education for a Quality Life” for ALL students.